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North Adelaide Village… Love the Lifestyle… Love the Convenience!

North Adelaide Village is situated in the heart of Adelaide’s most exclusive precinct, O’Connell Street. Featuring excellent road exposure and an eclectic lifestyle offering for day trippers, tourists and locals alike, North Adelaide Village is home to all things healthy, fine fashion and accessories, contemporary restaurants, cafes and kiosks.

Whether you’re ready for a workout, shopping for some fresh produce or looking for a healthy meal, North Adelaide Village is the place to go.

It is also home to long-standing tenants specialising in hair, health and beauty and fresh food, presenting a diverse mix anchored by Romeo’s Foodland and Romeo’s Organic Wholefoods, plus Goodlife Gym.

North Adelaide Village offers two hours of free parking for shoppers, making it easy and convenient for customers to complete their weekly shopping, visit the gym, or dine out.